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Get the iT that fits.

Even a well-designed IT system needs maintenance and urgent care now and then. And the bigger your business, the more complicated it gets keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently. You need expert help-and we're here to provide it.

No matter the size or complexity of your operation, Complete Business Systems has an IT-support option that will work hard for your business and your budget. You choose the Business Services Plan that makes sense for you.

iT and Networking Services Complete Systems & Services

We get all of your systems working as one, with Business Service Plans for every business size and need.

If you troubleshoot technology issues more than you focus on your real job, we can help. We believe hardware should be reliable, and that technology should enhance the workplace instead of increasing stress. We implement network solutions that are customized for your business using several criteria, including budget, future needs and goals, emerging technologies and most importantly, your staff. Complete Business Systems solves problems by offering innovative solutions, lowering costs, and removing the stress of technology.



Our Call in Service is just what it sounds like. If you have an issue with your computer station, server, network, copier, or other electronic office device we will setup a service call to come to your location and fix it. With our friendly staff you will be well taken care of from the time you call in to the time your problem is solved.

  • Local IT Support
  • Expert IT Professionals
  • Timely Service
  • On-site Troubleshooting


This plan is ideal for small to medium size businesses because it doesn’t require a minimum number of workstations. You will get remote troubleshooting for covered equipment along with automated trouble alerts, reduced labor costs and built in service hours.

  • Remote Access for Covered Equipment
  • Network and Systems Monitoring
  • Automated Trouble Alerts
  • On-site or Remote Troubleshooting
  • No Trip Charges
  • Up to Four Hours of Labor per Month May be Added
  • Discounted Labor Cost


For larger facilities with a minimum of 20 workstations, our Managed Services provide support that’s both broad and deep. You get everything that comes with our other plans, plus full routine maintenance for all your network devices, including routers, switches, and access points.

  • Proactive IT Support
  • Remote Access for Covered Equipment
  • Network and Systems Monitoring
  • Automated Trouble Alerts
  • On-site or Remote Troubleshooting
  • No Trip Charges
  • Monthly Meeting on Request
  • Full Routine Maintenance/Support for Network Devices
  • Systems Planning



When it comes to technology, we realize one solution can't possibly solve all problems. That's why we create customized network service plans that align with your business's specific needs and goals. Our solutions include full onsite or remote IT support, network and systems monitoring, project management, and systems integration and installation. Whatever your needs, we can design a plan to partner with you and help your business operate more efficiently on budget without compromising effectiveness.

  • IT Support Plans
  • Onsite and Remote IT Support
  • Network and Systems Monitoring
  • Project Consulting and Management
  • Systems Integration and Installation
  • Document Management
  • Email Hosting
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Onsite visits to correct any issues
  • Remote Support for issues less than 15 minutes
  • Priority Service - Means you get direct access to a Consultant
  • Discounted hourly support for projects
  • Consulting on projects, implementations and technology purchases


Choosing to go completely, or even somewhat paperless by setting up a document management or document imaging system for your business will drastically reduce the amount of paper you use. Document management includes a range of systems for managing paper and electronic files. Storing files electronically is environmentally friendly, more secure than keeping paper around, and takes up far less space. But the biggest benefit is still the cost savings. If it takes five minutes to retrieve and replace a paper file and an employee works with ten paper files per day, that's 216 hours a year, more than five weeks! It's easy to see how a system that allows employees to find and work on documents without ever leaving their desks can slash costs and increase productivity.

Additionally, laws that govern the safekeeping of data, such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the financial industry and HIPAA in the medical field make document management a necessity.

  • Reduces amount of space in your office dedicated to file management and warehousing
  • Increases security
  • Creates better disaster recovery protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides remote access for important documents
  • Creation of a "Scan-Forward" approach to conversion
  • Scanning services available to help implementation of the new system


Printing costs are often an overlooked business expense, but they are significant up to 3% of a company's annual revenue. Printer maintenance and supply costs are notoriously unpredictable, especially when a company's printing environment is not optimized around its workflow. Managed Print Services from Complete Business Systems can help you manage the cost of printing and optimize your printing environment.

We start by finding out how many printers, copiers and other machines are in your office and whether they are over or under utilized. We'll ask you how often these machines are out of service and how meter reads are handled. All of this information helps to tell us how much time and money is going into managing your current printing setup. Then we design a solution unique to your company with a consistent, fixed-price structure. Our plans cover all support and consumables for your entire printer fleet and provide you with a single portal for all service and supplies.

  • Helps manage the rising costs of consumables and service
  • Free up IT resources for more business-critical tasks
  • Automated meter reads, error alerting, and supply ordering help increase uptime
  • Control and forecast budgets accurately by setting printing and supply costs
  • Reduces waste
  • Ensures the most efficient output devices are being used
  • Analysis of current facility fleet and use
  • One vendor - one solution, no matter the brand of printer
  • Monthly reporting detailing print activity
  • Excellent service and support